Melissa Mansfield recommends Fullscript.about a month ago·

Fullscript has superior customer service. They go above and beyond and truly care about their patients. In the rare event of any issue with product, etc., they promptly and adequately resolve it.2 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Colleen Pope doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a week ago·

I am sure that this online system seems like a great convenience. Unfortunately, it is not. This company has created a website that does not have the end user in mind. Order emails have big adds before the actual order link which makes them seem like more junk mail. There are no helpful options (like a 800 number, send message, or a live chat) for taking care of issues. The virtual assistant thing is useless. And the password reset option doesn’t work. The whole thing seems like amateur hour.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Vic Tor recommends Fullscript.about a month ago·

I was so surprised when I was told that my herpes result is negative. Last Month.I was infected with herpes with no solution,I was unable to work and also losing lots of money for medication, but one faithful day when I went online, I saw lots of testimonies about this great man Dr Believe I decided to give it a try and to God be the glory he did… MoreLikeShow more reactionsComment

Susan Alima Friar recommends Fullscript.about 4 months ago·

Prompt service and excellent products.37 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Marlene Blaszczyk recommends Fullscript.1 hour ago·

ALways have helpful and knowledgeable support people. I appreciated working with Meghann E. today. Kind of a rockstar!LikeShow more reactionsComment

Margaret Olszewski recommends Fullscript.about 7 months ago·

Finally a place you provides top quality, healthy products and service representatives that truly know their products! Very professional, patient, kind and knowledgeable. What more could a customer ask for? Thanks for taking pride in the service you provide AND DELIVER!2LikeShow more reactionsComment

Laura Siar Bertram recommends Fullscript.about 8 months ago·

They recommend quick shipping only when a product needs to stay cold, but not when it isn’t necessary. Products are shipped with care, and in a timely manner.
Great customer service when I had a problem.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Patricia Silva Acamo recommends Fullscript.about 8 months ago·

They were knowledgeable knew how to communicate with needs/want Good company to work with!!13 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Jeff Friesen doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about 6 months ago·

I must say that we no longer be using fullscript nearly as heavily as we used to. In fact, I’m instructing my staff to minimize or eliminate the use of fullscript as a place to order from.

The final straw was when we attempted to send a product to a patient STAT and the order was canceled without notice (although to be fair I was told they had sent… More22 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Kaydon Cameron recommends Fullscript.about 9 months ago·

Very good supplements. Highly recommend.13 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Julia Ross recommends Fullscript.about 11 months ago·

Amazing company! The supplements are great and the prices are wonderful. The staff is always so helpful as well2 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Ronald Davis recommends Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

The representative I spoke with was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure my questions were answered. Because of his research, I was able to find exactly what I needed. I was very thankful.1LikeShow more reactionsComment

Stacie Centers recommends Fullscript.about 8 months ago·

Very fast shipping! I’ve never had any problems!1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Danny Cantu doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about 9 months ago·

Purchased vitamins Feb 2 Charged my account immediately. Vitamins received Feb 5. They received my returned Mar 11 and my refund is still not here. They finally processed it today and now I still need to wait 3-5 days. Had to pay to ship it back and they did not refund shipping. So basically I paid a total of $17 in shipping charges and they keep my money in their account for 3 weeks. I will never purchase from them again21 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Barbara Jo Bono recommends Fullscript.about 10 months ago·

Quality products and professional service1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Alan Wertkin recommends Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

The customer service staff are fantastic. Today Pierre, Jessica yesterday, dealt with my frustrations about their company not utilizing better shipping protocol. The product selection is outstanding, but if it doesn’t get to me, it only creates an anxiety, I should not have to experience. I am rooting for the company to wise up and be all they can be.Jeanne Dockins1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Jake Homer doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

I’ve been ordering the same vitamins for 3-4 years and spend about 500-700 on these vitamins. I recently placed a re-order and someone how on my order were some vitamins that my dr recommended over 3 years ago and never ordered. I placed order on Black Friday to get 15%. I called and the acknowledged the error and gave a credit for wrong vitamins.… MoreYou and 3 others1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Kelly Hansen recommends Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

They are very knowledgeable, quick and extremely patient! They make the process very easy from start to finish and make you feel like a person!LikeShow more reactionsComment

Zelena Thomas doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

I am extremely frustrated with my overall experience with Fullscript. My practitioner prescribed me supplements that I had never seen before so I trusted that the order I placed would be what I’d receive. I was shocked and disappointed to find that one of the products delivered was not what I originally ordered. To make matters worse, I have been… More24 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Emily Dare recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Love that I can order supplements from different, great quality brands in one place.2LikeShow more reactionsComment

Zach St-Pierre recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Great products and great pricing, always willing to help their practitioners and patients.31 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Colin Tosh recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Amazing company! Everyone who I have had the pleasure of talking to on the phone has been wonderful! Amazing support and great products! 10/10 would recommend!11 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Alex Wong recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Fullscript is great! The folks in customer service are helpful and nice, and the products are very good. Definitely recommend!11 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Louise Marie recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Highly efficient, and friendly service. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy. I’m so impressed with the level if service that I receive.11 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Jenna Potter recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

I love the amazing variety of professional brands that they have available and my products always ship and arrive earlier than I expected! Thanks11 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Connie Guhrt Chestnutt recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Products always shipped and arrive promptly. Customer service is awesome!1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Daniel Gomez-Duran recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Their customer support is unreal. Any time I’ve had a problem they’ve been able to fix it for me and surpass my expectation. I also love the ease of searching for products. They’re constantly making changes that makes their site and my experience better. Thanks Fullscript!1LikeShow more reactionsComment

Mahmod Zaw doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

Training with better attitude costumer services employees. Very sad to find companies like your. Shame on you.LikeShow more reactionsComment

Teresa J. Taylor recommends Fullscript.about 11 months ago·

I cannot believe how great Fullscript is!! I have dealt with other companies who really don’t care once they get their sale, but today Bree took my problem away as simple as 1, 2, 3!!! Thank you Fullscript! You get my strongest recommendation for a company this year!!!LikeShow more reactionsComment

Seventh Stu recommends Fullscript.about 11 months ago·

The customer service rep-Bree-was wonderful. she made the process seamless-!1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Steve Walker recommends Fullscript.about 11 months ago·

Dad had a degree in pharmacy from OU, and in his later years he searched the internet for the best places to buy quality supplements at the best prices. I just wish he was alive today to see the selection Fullscript offers and the discount prices available. He would be in hog heaven!!!1 ShareLikeShow more reactionsComment

Catherine Lunn recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Easy user friendly platform with seamless connection to my naturopaths direction. Great customer service as well!1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Elaine Cross Curry doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

This company sells premium supplements, but uses low-end shipping. Nice packaging with an ice pack is only helpful if the shipping takes less than time than it takes the ice to melt. I didn’t order expedited shipping, because I wasn’t out of the product yet. I expected the product to arrive in a fashion that gives me confidence that the potency has not been compromised. This seems like a common concern with Fullscript.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Madison Autry doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about 9 months ago·

Constantly messing up my order even though I pay for priority shipping.12 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Isabel Smith doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

Horrible company. Placed order 12 days ago and it never showed up. Tracking shows that it was delivered back to them. When ordering supplements, they should know that customers need by a certain date to continue taking them. I will find another place to order from.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Andy Andrakowicz doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

The worst company I have ever felt with. I have ordered 5 times from them. 3 of them were missing items and I had to contact them to demand they send what I paid for. The other 2 orders never showed up and I am done dealing with an incompetent company whose main objective is to see how much money they can rip you off for. 5 orders, all of them completely screwed up. I don’t believe this is a mistake. I believe this is their goal. Do not use this company or purchase their products.23 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Donna Makein recommends Fullscript.about a year ago·

Products carried. Convenience. Customer service.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Dave McNutt doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

The jury is still out on FullScript. My order arrived late even after paying for expedited delivery . All jars were hot to the touch when I opened the box.1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Sharon Davis doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

I placed an order and when it was late I checked the tracking to see that it said it was out for delivery USPS with expected arrival one week prior. Called Fullscript and they were casual but b/c USPS hadn’t posted an update on location in a week the customer service rep said they’d send a new bottle out UPS this time and I’d have it in 3-5 days. 7… More1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Yvonne Weston recommends Fullscript.about 2 years ago·

As a practitioner, the site is easy to use and great for sending recommendations to clients. Shipping is fast and the customer service is great.2 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Irina B. Stuchinsky recommends Fullscript.about 2 years ago·

no need to stock inventory in the office; patients can simply order directly from Fullscript what their health professional has prescribed for them.13 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Marlene Lucy recommends Fullscript.about 2 years ago·

Excellent products, service and the quickest delivery ever. All my scrips come the next day or a day later, depending on what the prescription is.1LikeShow more reactionsComment

Matibe Butali recommends Fullscript.about 3 weeks ago·

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Lisa McKernan doesn’t recommend Fullscript.about a year ago·

Don’t charge the customer if you don’t ship the product!!3LikeShow more reactionsComment

Denise Sayles-Rose recommends Fullscript.about 3 years ago·

Great service, great supplements!1 CommentLikeShow more reactionsComment

Hilda Rios recommends Fullscript.about 2 years ago·

Yes, I like fullscript because I like their products, and the way they encourage your wellness.And motivates you to eat healthy.2 CommentsLikeShow more reactionsComment

Judy Andrew Pine recommends Fullscript.about 12 months ago·

The products work very wel