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Melissa Mansfield 
Fullscript has superior customer service. They go above and beyond and truly care about their patients. In the rare event of any issue with product, etc., they promptly and adequately resolved it.


Susan Alima Friar recommends Fullscript about 4 months ago·
Prompt service and excellent products.


Marlene Blaszczyk recommends Fullscript 1 hour ago·
Always have helpful and knowledgeable support people. I appreciated working with Meghann E. today. Kind of a rockstar!


Margaret Olszewski recommends Fullscript about 7 months ago·
Finally a place you provides top quality, healthy products and service representatives that truly know their products! Very professional, patient, kind and knowledgeable. What more could a customer ask for? Thanks for taking pride in the service you provide AND DELIVER!


Laura Siar Bertram recommends Fullscript about 8 months ago·
They recommend quick shipping only when a product needs to stay cold, but not when it isn’t necessary. Products are shipped with care, and in a timely manner.
Great customer service when I had a problem.


Patricia Silva Acamo recommends Fullscript about 8 months ago·
They were knowledgeable knew how to communicate with needs/want Good company to work with!!


Kaydon Cameron recommends Fullscript about 9 months ago·
Very good supplements. Highly recommend.

Julia Ross recommends Fullscript about 11 months ago·
Amazing company! The supplements are great and the prices are wonderful. The staff is always so helpful as well.


Ronald Davis recommends Fullscript about 12 months ago·
The representative I spoke with was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure my questions were answered. Because of his research, I was able to find exactly what I needed. I was very thankful.


Stacie Centers recommends Fullscript about 8 months ago·
Very fast shipping! I’ve never had any problems!


Barbara Jo Bono recommends Fullscript about 10 months ago·
Quality products and professional service.


Alan Wertkin recommends Fullscript about 12 months ago·
The customer service staff are fantastic. Today Pierre, Jessica yesterday, dealt with my frustrations about their company not utilizing better shipping protocol. The product selection is outstanding, but if it doesn’t get to me, it only creates an anxiety, I should not have to experience. I am rooting for the company to wise up and be all they can be.


Jake Homer doesn’t recommend Fullscript about 12 months ago·
I’ve been ordering the same vitamins for 3-4 years and spend about 500-700 on these vitamins. I recently placed a re-order and someone how on my order were some vitamins that my dr recommended over 3 years ago and never ordered. I placed order on Black Friday to get 15%. I called and they acknowledged the error and gave a credit for wrong vitamins.…


Emily Dare recommends Fullscript about a year ago·
Love that I can order supplements from different, great quality brands in one place.


Zach St-Pierre recommends Fullscript about a year ago·
Great products and great pricing, always willing to help their practitioners and patients.


Nutritional Supplements for Vibrant Health and Immunity

The immune system is responsible for protecting you from harmful microorganisms. It’s your body’s defense system. A strong immune system helps to keep your body healthy. Many factors can cause an unhealthy immune system. Some of these include stress, lack of sleep, processed foods, lack of exercise, poor dental health, excessive alcohol, and pharmaceutical or illicit drug use.

There are lifestyle changes and dietary supplements to enhance your immune system. These are vitamins A, C, D, and E, and minerals such as zinc and selenium to name a few.

76-80% of your immune system starts in your gut so it’s important to keep a strong immune system to stay healthy and infection-free.

The Bottom Line:

Certain lifestyle changes and dietary supplements may help your immune system function at optimal levels. This is especially true for young children, the elderly with compromised immune systems and those with chronic diseases. Consult your trusted holistic/integrative healthcare practitioner to determine which lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements are best for your individual needs.

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About Pro Discount Vitamins

We all deserve boundless energy and vibrant health. Good health gives us the ability to enjoy our life and pursue our passions. Without your health you are unable to spend quality time with your family and friends. During these unprecedented times it’s challenging to maintain optimal health with toxic  GMO foods, daily stress, increased cost of goods, lack of connection with loved ones and the list goes on.

One important part of restoring or maintaining your health is taking good care of your body. Since everyone is different it’s important to realize there is no “one-size-fits all” fix for your mental, emotional and physical problems. Transformation comes when you connect with your intuition and collaborate with your integrative health professional to determine what’s best for your health and well-being. Nobody knows your body and mind better than you, not even your doctor.

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My promise to you is to provide you with up-to-date information and strategies from top professionals in the field of conscious-based health. Pro Discount Vitamins (PDV) will provide you with information you can use to make more informed choices about your health. PDV will also give you access to the online dispensary where you will save hundreds of dollars a year on high-quality vitamins and supplements manufacturers you can trust.

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